My name is Cole Daroff and I created De La Sew which is located in a small home studio in Los Angeles, California. I personally do all the salvaging, washing, designing and hand stitching to every product De La Sew offers. My main focus with DLS is to create clothing in the most eco friendly and sustainable way possible - upcycling. If you aren't familiar with upcycled clothing it's a simple process. The idea is to take a piece of clothing that is not being utilized or a garments that has fallen out of style and transform it into something fresh and new that anyone would love to wear. All of the garments I use start out by being hand selected. I salvage from local thrift stores, flea markets, second hand sellers or even some my friends closets. After these items are "rescued" each piece is hand washed and dried by the beautiful California sun. Once each piece is dry I start the design process - choosing a stitch plan, figuring out a color palate, deciding the type of thread. After that it's time to stitch. Each piece is hand stitched using high quality materials and fabric. I “re-work” every garment to create a product that is truly one of a kind and most importantly it's been Upcycled. A simple process but one that takes time and attention to details. This is why De La Sew offers such a limited quantity of products. I thrive to be as resourceful and environmentally friendly as possible when I create. I make all my clothing labels out of recycled shopping bags. I even ship all of my products using recycled material (I hope you don't mind recieving a ugly box in the mail). De LA Sew is proud to be a grassroots movement to counteract the forces of mass production and mindless consumerism. I want to create the most resourceful fashion line ever and give back to the world with every piece.

WE CARE! - I'm using my brand as a platform to inspire change. We only have one earth we live on and I believe it is important we take care of it together. That is why part of the proceeds from every purchase go to organizations and causes who are working to better the world. These are foundations I hold dear to my heart. If you are curious, we will be tracking each organization and the amount donated on a separate page  called 'Donation Tracker' that can be found on our website. This document will be updated monthly for you to follow. I look forward to continuing this journey of giving back together and I am so grateful to have your support.